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Until this wiki provides the full documentation of Camlp4 it makes still sense to look at the sources. So this page lists the most relevant files of the OCaml sources with convenient links to the online CVS.



This file contains most of the relevant signatures. The corresponding implementations can be found in Camlp4/Struct/.


The comments contain helpful hints on grammar and parsing. Used in Camlp4/Struct/Camlp4Ast.mlast.


Note that PreCast.Ast actually implements Camlp4.Sig.Camlp4Ast and not Camlp4.Sig.Ast


Implementation of Sig.Camlp4Ast which also provides many helpful utility functions for manipulating ASTs.

This file has the .mlast extension since it is specially preprocessed in order to generate map/fold/meta feature from the type declaration in


Needs to be loaded before Camlp4Parsers/, which is defined as changes to

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